Quick Thoughts on the NBA Lottery

Last night’s NBA Lottery did not turn out to be too interesting of a night, as we saw no big surprises like Cleveland landing the 1st overall pick last year. This was a strange year in that everything went just about as it should have (sorry Knicks fans).


  1. Obviously the Knicks sliding to #4 has to be a major disappointment for their fan base. Towns or Okafor would have been a solid piece next to Melo, but barring something unexpected, they will have to settle for probably Mudiay or Winslow. Not bad options, but not what they were hoping for. Of course, they have already been rumored to be shopping that pick, but I’m guessing their asking price will be quite high. If I were them, I would lock up the PG spot with Mudiay, and try to sign or trade for a big.
  1. I’m going to say Towns is a loser here also. If Minnesota drafts him, even though it may be the better fit, he still has to play in Minnesota instead of Los Angeles or New York. Have fun with that.
  1. The other losers have to be the teams praying for some luck. All the lottery teams come in with high hopes and tonight, with one mild exception, none of those teams went home ecstatic.


  1. Easy to say that Minnesota getting the top pick makes them a winner, and believe me it does. Lining up Towns (or possibly Okafor) next to Wiggins will be a deadly combo for years to come. If Rubio can learn to shoot (which probably will never happen at this point), they will be even more deadly.
  1. The Lakers have to be a big winner also. Jumping up 2 spots from 4 to 2 is huge for their organization. Not only did they jump two spots, but they also avoided losing their pick to Philly, which would have happened if two teams had jumped them. But as usual, the basketball gods were smiling on them tonight. The Lakers are in desperate need of a star to take the reigns for Kobe and whether they end up with Towns or Okafor, they will get a player with star potential. Pairing one of those guys with last years pick, Julius Randle, could sure up their front court for the next decade.
  1. The 76ers Future: Sure they didn’t get #1 or any additional picks, but in the long run this will help them. All of their additional picks will likely fall to them next year. Their 2016 draft class will consist of their pick (likely another top 5-7 pick), the Heat’s 1st rounder (which I would say will likely be from 18-25), OKC’s 1st rounder (which should be mid 20’s) and the Lakers’s top 3 protected pick, which unless they sign some FA’s, will be a lottery pick next year. Oh and by the way, they have one of the best Euro players in Dario Saric coming over with those 4 picks as well. That’s a haul. So while they may only get 1 player this year, help is on the way for sure.

10 Takeaways:

  1. For those watching, a swag competition bust out with Russell Westbrook’s “Lucky Shirt” and Nerlens Noel’s Sixers suit. As the incumbent Sixers fan, I’m taking Noel’s swag filled suit.
  2. For just the 4th time in 26 years, the team with the best odds to get the first overall pick landed it. Good night for math fans.
  3. Why are the draftees at this? Sure, it has big implications for them, but I found it dumb that they were sitting there watching people draw these envelopes. There is really no room for them to improve their status by being here, either they look miserable when, say you are projected to go #1 and realize you have to go to Minnesota, or you just sit there and look happy. Just a thought.
  4. Why can’t they televise the drawing of the ping-pong balls? I get that it adds a level of drama to go in reverse order and reveal the top 3 picks last, but to watch them draw the ping-pong balls would be pretty cool as well. Not to mention when you put a random assortment of people in a closed room you open yourself up for conspiracy theories.
  5. Why is this a 30-minute event that could take 2 minutes?
  6. I miss Bill Simmons on lottery night.
  7. My favorite idea so far instead of the lottery, even though I know it will never in a million years happen.
  8. The look on my sister-in-law’s face when I told her my brother and I were getting ready to watch a lottery that determined the order of the draft was priceless. No, not drafting the actual players, just determining the order. Yes, it’s weird that diehard Sixers fans, or fans of other lottery teams, get so hyped to pick numbers out of hat. Especially when the current MVP was picked at pick 7.
  9. Vlade Divac is Hayk Gyokchyan. Or perhaps Hayk is Vlade.
  10. The actual draft will take place on June 25. Check back soon for G&G’s mock draft.

By Peter Gumas

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