Five Quick Thoughts: Stanley Cup Finals

Nothing is Crazier Than the First 5 minutes of a Hockey Series 

This sort of applies to the NBA too, but there is nothing quite like watching the first few minutes of an NHL playoff series. These series have the potential of playing 7 hours (or more if over time gets involved), so these players become very familiar with one another by series’ end. But for the first few minutes, when the players are fresh, and want nothing more than to strike first, anything can happen. Big hits, wild shots, and

Hockey Announcers are the Best Announcers in Sports

With the puck flying around and guys coming on and off the bench at will, no one has more to keep track of than the play by play man in a hockey game. With 4 lines of players playing for both teams, it’s hard enough to remember all the players let alone announce their name while also describing how they scramble for the puck while getting blind-sided. Plus, you never get stuck listening to Joe Buck like in Football and Baseball.

Blackhawks Chase for a Dynasty

Is it possible to have simultaneous dynasties? The LA Kings have won 2 of the past 3 Stanley Cups… but with a win this year, the Blackhawks will make it 3 of 6. These two teams have dominated the sport, and with Championship-tested players like Crawford, Toews, Hossa and Kane they appear to be the favorites.

Lightning May be the Coolest Name in American Sports

Ok, so this one is obviously a personal preference, but I love the name lightning. It certainly is more intimidating than the Pelicans (who don’t help their cause by playing in Smoothie King arena), or this list of collegiate mascots that my alma mater landed on. I’d put the Lightning up there with any Big 4 name.

The Ultimate Prize: The Stanley Cup is the Best Trophy in American Sports

Let’s be honest- if we’re ranking the Big 4 trophies, the list is pretty obvious. It goes Stanley Cup, Lombardi (NFL), Larry O’Brien (NBA), then the Commissioner’s Trophy (MLB trophy with way too much going on). Not only does every team get their name etched on it, but so does every player. That alone sets it apart, and the uniqueness of having just one trophy adds to its lore. But hey, tell me if you think I’m wrong:

Click here for our podcast previewing the NBA and NHL Finals.

By Aaron Gillette

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