10 Thoughts on the NBA Draft

I don’t believe in giving out draft grades or winners or losers before watching these kids play in a single NBA game, so don’t expect that from me. It’s not fair to the kids, coaches or teams. But here are my thoughts on last night’s NBA Draft:

  1. Great night for Minnesota: Minny now has a legit Center who can play both sides of the ball to go along with a good young core of Wiggins, Lavine and Rubio. Add in a backup point guard in Tyus Jones and you have yourself an extremely solid draft. This team should be tough to score on with a lot of potential on offense.
  1. I would be upset if I were a Knicks fan. New York is a win now city and Porzingas won’t help with that. They took a chance on a guy that “may” hit big in 5 years. It really seems like there were safer options that could help out a team that has Carmelo with a few prime years left, but if Porzingas ends up being a superstar then it’s all good in the end. Snagging Jerian Grant was a nice side move, but you expect more of an immediate franchise changer with the #4 pick in the draft.
  1. As a diehard Philly fan, the Lakers became my least favorite team. I’ve wanted Russell since I first watched him play in January and they stole him right out from under us. Love that Hinkie didn’t hesitate and took the next best player available in Jahlil Okafor. The kid can easily average a double-double his rookie year. Not sure how the 3 bigs will mesh in Philly but one thing this team can’t worry about is having too much talent at one spot.
  1. I’m really baffled by Boston’s draft night. It looked like they had some opportunity to move up in the draft given their plethora of future picks and young assets. I really thought when Justise Winslow was slipping down the top 10 that Boston would be right there to pick him up. In addition, they took a guy in Rozier who many considered to be a reach. Perhaps Ainge has something else up his sleeve…
  1. Speaking of Justise Winslow, Miami made the biggest steal in the draft. I didn’t like Winslow as a top 5 pick, but certainly did not expect him to fall to 10. He’s a gamer and when the stage got big for Duke down the stretch, he came to play every night. He plays 2 way ball and if he can improve his outside shot then Miami will have made a great steal at 10.
  1. I still think Mario may be the best player in this draft. Orlando has a pretty nice looking squad right now after drafting very well the last 3 years and will be a very fun team to watch.
  1. The Kings will regret drafting Cauley-Stein with the number 6 pick. I haven’t been big on him throughout the draft process. Sure he’s really good on D, but his offense is horrendous and he has foot problems. With the talent still on the board (Mudiay and Winslow) I think the Kings will regret this pick.
  1. Not a big fan of the Kaminsky pick by New Orleans either. They could have used a knock down shooter or could have taken the clear best player at the time (in my opinion) in Winslow. Although he may have had the best suit in the draft.
  1. Is this the end of Ty Lawson in Denver? Tough to knock Denver for taking Mudiay with the 7th pick as he was best available player. However, it may very well mean that Lawson is on the trade block. Rumors say his old coach George Karl in Sacramento wants him, so it’s something to keep an eye on.
  1. I think that the Rockets came a way with a massive steal in this draft taking Dekker at 18. I have no doubt that he will be better than some players taken ahead of him. I feel the saw way about Golden State taking Kevin Looney at 30.

By Peter Gumas

Image of Justise Winslow and Tyus Jones 


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