10 Thoughts on the MLB All Star Game

A great MLB All-Star break (see my thoughts on the Home Run Derby) came to a conclusion with a 6-3 victory in favor of the American League, who will now have home field advantage in the World Series. My thoughts on the 2015 All Star Game:

(1) Just over Joe Buck’s shoulder at the start of the broadcast, a player wearing bright shoes was warming up his arm behind shortstop. You know you’re a diehard fan of a team when you can spot a player based on the way he has a catch (it was Adam Jones).

(2) I found it very amusing watching Buster Posey catch the Dodgers’ two best pitchers (Greinke and Kershaw). I wonder how fans of the Giants and Dodgers felt watching their player(s) interact with their most bitter rival.

(3) Speaking of Greinke, it was pretty amusing that the first batter he faced (MVP Mike Trout) hit a home run, throwing an asterisk into however far his current scoreless streak of 35 and 2/3 innings goes.

(4) Speaking of Kershaw, another game in the spotlight and another disappointing performance. I know its just the All Star Game, but he took the loss after seeing the ball knocked around the yard, and it would have been worse had he not narrowly avoided giving up a home run to Manny Machado.

(5) Speaking of Machado (I swear I’m not doing this on purpose), he came within a few feet of being this game’s MVP. Had the fly ball off of Kershaw gone a few more feet, he would have been 2-2 with 3 RBI and would have taken home the Chevy of his choice instead of Trout.

(6) Andrew McCutchen’s home run was a thing of beauty. Watch that video- he gets so much torque and power from his hips that his back foot literally comes off the ground. After a horrendous start to the season, he’s back in MVP form and has the Pirates rapidly gaining on the Cardinals, which should make for some must-see baseball.

(7) Jacob DeGrom is filthy. Three strikeouts on 10 pitches in the All Star game? That’s 1999 Pedro-esque.  The Mets are unbelievably rich with young arms between Harvey, DeGrom, Niese, Matz… and they’re rumored to be one of the front-runners for Cueto. Get that team some offense!

(8) Jose Iglesias is an unbelievable short stop. He and Andrelton Simmons are on another planet when it comes to playing defense. Add in the fact that he’s batting a healthy .314 this season, and he’s easily one of the most underrated players in the MLB.

(9) Watching professional hitters ooh and ah and be terrified of Aroldis Chapman makes me feel a lot better. Say what you will about professional athlete contracts, but it would take a lot of money for someone to convince me to stand at the plate as that man throws a baseball.

(10) Mike Trout became the first player to win back to back All Star Game MVP awards… and he’s only 23 years old. This kid has hall of fame written all over him, and we are spoiled to have him in this league right now. The potential of Trout and Bryce Harper simultaneously tearing through the record books over the next 15 years has me extremely excited… as long as those player stay out of Yankee pinstripes.

By Aaron Gillette

Great American Ballpark Image

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