MLB Playoff Predictions

After two great wild card performances that went exactly as we predicted earlier this week, it’s time for the whole G&G staff to make their playoff predictions.

League Division Series:

Gillette KC in 4 TOR in 4 CHC in 5 LAD in 4
Gumas KC in 4 TOR in 5 CHC in 5 LAD in 3
Katz HOU in 5 TOR in 3 STL in 5 LAD in 4


League Championship Series:

Gillette TOR over KC in 6 CHC over LAD in 6
Gumas TOR over KC in 7 CHC over LAD  in 7
Katz TOR over HOU in 5 LAD over STL in 7


World Series:

Gillette TOR over CHC in 6
Gumas CHC over TOR in 7
Katz LAD over TOR in 7


Gillette: The Cubs look like a team of destiny, but not even Arrieta can slow the Blue Jays high powered offense down. David Price flips his 0-5 career playoff record into an unforgettable run as Canada wins its first big 4 trophy since guess who? The 1993 Blue Jays.

Gumas: The drought is over!!! The Cubbies win! The Cubbies win! They’re young, they’re hot and they don’t know any better. Add in Arrieta and anything can happen. Theo Epstein goes down as best GM of all time breaking 2 curses of at least 86 years.

Katz: In true American fashion, money wins. The Blue Jays run of dominance since the trade deadline comes up just short, as the Dodgers historic payroll, headlined by Cy Young contenders Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke, is too much for Toronto in a 7 game series.

Mets Pitchers Image


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