About G&G

G&G’s Aaron Gillette and Peter Gumas met at Franklin & Marshall College, where they played Varsity Baseball and Football (respectively). With a passion for analyzing anything and everything sports, they came together hoping to voice the everyman’s take on sports. 

Most current sports media tends to focus on topics not related to what is happening on the field. At G&G, our mission is to provide sports analysis and information related to what’s going on between the lines. Read and listen as we talk all things NFL, MLB, NBA and more.


The G&G Staff:

Aaron GilletteFounder

Picture 2Originally from Baltimore, MD, Aaron became a diehard fan of the Orioles and Ravens at an early age. Aaron attended Franklin & Marshall college where he studied business and played second base and centerfield on the Varsity Baseball team. Aaron, who now resides in Arlington, Virginia, co-anchors the G&G Podcast and contributes articles to the G&G Blog. He’ll fight you to the death if you suggest your favorite baseball stadium is nicer than Camden Yards, or if you argue that Lebron James should take responsibility for tanking Cleveland’s economy after “the decision.”

Peter Gumas, “The  Commish”

DespiteGuapo 2 growing up in Medfield, MA, Pete lives and breathes Philly sports, fanatically supporting the Eagles, 76ers, Phillies and Flyers. Pete, who also attended Franklin & Marshall College, studied history and played full back on the varsity Football team. Pete currently coaches football and basketball in his hometown and co-anchors the G&G Podcast and contributes articles to the G&G Blog. Never question “El Guapo’s” allegiance to Allen Iverson.

David SchwartzDirector of Rehab and Performance 

Schwartz Bio PicGrowing up in the heart of The Wire (sort of), David developed a love for all things Orioles, Ravens, and Terps. David attended the University of Maryland where he starred as a Division 1 intramural B league QB and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. David then moved to Boston to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy and strengthen a Baltimore fan base in enemy territory. David writes articles for the G&G Blog, focusing on player injuries and the rehab process and makes guest appearances on the podcast. If you think the team who wins the Super Bowl isn’t the best team in the NFL, David will gladly tell you that you’re wrong.

Mickey Katz, Director of Analytics

In BoundsHailing from the Charm City (suburbs), Mickey has loved the Ravens, Orioles, and Lakers (there’s a good reason, he promises) his whole life. After peaking athletically as an 8th grade basketball player, he attended Cornell University, where he excelled as a fan of the Cornell basketball team. Graduating with a degree in Industrial and Labor Relations, he moved to NYC to hate the Yankees and make fun of Jets fans, and now appears on the G&G Podcast and contributes to the G&G Blog. A detester of fair-weather fans, Mickey is happy to condescendingly berate you if you think momentum exists in sports or can’t name more than 5 players on your “favorite team.”

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