MLB Podcasts

The G&G staff break down what’s going on in the MLB



Phillies Legend Matt Stairs

White Sox Prospect Ben Brewster

2015-2016 Off Season:

MLB Awards and Qualifying Offers (jump to 27:07; posted 11/19/15)

2015 Season:

World Series Recap (jump to 26:20) (11/3/15)

World Series Preview (10/26/15)

LDS Talk and Chase Utley’s Slide (jump to 38:00; posted 10/13/15)

MLB Playoff Push (9/7/15)

Orioles Mid-Season Report with Barstool Sports’ Eric Arditti (7/17/15)

No Hitters, 3K Hits, Ballot Controversy and More (6/23/15)

1st Quarter Review (5/27/15)

1st 20 Game Recap (4/29/15)

2015 Division Previews:

NL: West (jump to 15:30), Central (jump to 13:15), East

AL: West (jump to 20:00), Central (jump to 29:15), East (jump to 14:30)

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